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Battlefield 4 Cheats

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Instructions for proper use of hack tool

Battlefield 4 Cheats is simple and efficient tool which doesn’t need much explaining. After you open Battlefield 4 Cheats, first action is entering your game username in empty text field on the left. Next step is choosing your game platform, and available options are PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS 3 and PS 4. We are the first hacking team to fully adjust Battlefield 4 Cheats tool for new generation consoles! On the right side you can see eight different hacks which you can choose to activate. There is no limit to number of hacks you can activate. You can select only one or more, or even all hacks at the same time for adding. You will notice “Use proxy” option which offers additional protection from discovering your hacking attempt. If you turn it on, hacking process will slow down considerably, but we guarantee it will be 100% successful and even throughout the game there will be no chance of other players discovering that you are using hacks. You can also risk a bit and turn it off if you want to speed up hacking process, but in that case you better try to avoid some more obvious hacks like God mod. Last step is clicking on “Add” button. Green bar is indicator of hacking process, after it gets filled 100% and the message “Desired hacks successfully Added to Your Profile” appears on screen, you can close Battlefield 4 Cheats and start the game. Hacks will be available immediately, with additional options for them activated from within the game.

Cheats For BF4

Which hacks are available in our tool

In total there are 8 hacks available in Battlefield 4 Cheats. Let’s start with most famous of them, Aimbot. This hack will assist you in targeting your enemy. You can change the level of target acquisition from automatic turning and moving your crosshairs to target enemy’s body or head, to simple auto aim which will reduce swaying of your weapon when you catch the enemy in target sight. You can also turn triggerbot on or off, to set automatic firing at target as soon as your crosshairs are on it. All these options make Battlefield 4 Cheats Aimbot extremely versatile and at the same time totally impossible to recognize. Next notorious hack is Wall hack, which allows you to remove textures from any object and effectively see through it, so you can spot enemy hiding. You can’t shoot at him unless the obstacle is meant to be shot through and can be damaged and penetrated. Battlefield 4 Cheats has more useful hacks, like unlimited ammo which is especially powerful when used together with Rapid Fire which doubles your damage output for any weapon you are using. No recoil is a sort of simple aimbot for itself, because it greatly improves your accuracy especially for large weapons. Speed hack doubles your speed and super jump doubles jump height and length. God mod is collection of several powerful hacks which makes you feel like a God on battlefield.

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