Best Of Guides – FIREBIRD


Best Of Guides - FIREBIRD

Tanki Online – Best of Guides. My entry: FIREBIRD. Click “Captions” for sub-titles. HD – Quality.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

TANKI ONLINE: Guide on changing equipment in battle [ENGLISH]

You, my dear viewer, are well aware of a feeling when you realize that your current equipment is not suitable for the battle you just entered. And it probably wouldn’t hurt to change your turrent,…

36 thoughts on “Best Of Guides – FIREBIRD

  1. well u have m3s so u can kill m1s enemy – its easy

    and I LOVE FIREBIRD realy

  2. No good railgunner plays with mammoth so thats bullshit they always play
    with hornet or wiking:D 

  3. this stinks im warrant officer 2 rank and the whole time ive been using
    hunter for firebird lol so now ive spent lot of diamonds on upgrading it
    and its not m1 but i spent on lot of micro upgrades:(

  4. A battle between Firebird & Freezer = Freezer will win.
    You just spin around the firebird, and stand the opposite way of where the
    firebird can attack you. Works 90% of the time.

    A freezer behind your shotrange means you’re already half-dead.

    ( #NoPerfectEnglish )

  5. what about freeze?? u never did one against freeze? cuz freeze can just
    circle you. . . and or sneak up on you and then it will be hard to turn
    your turret and get the freeze

  6. Денис дай мне такую краску плиииз! я тестер! ник: 000_OXPAHA_000

  7. Денис создай новий аккаунт в танках онлайн новобранца.и снимай с нево видео

  8. Can someone tell me how to get they skin color at 02:30 the second one?
    Orange and grey one

  9. szar szar szarr szar shit shit shit shit noob noob noob a legszarabb amit
    valaha láttam -,-

  10. nice game but the big proplem in game in medil screen wen
    flige is take must be the word in lifet side in smool

    and 50% for ralllgune

  11. no estoy de acurdo, no me gusta por lo que sera muy difícil derrotar al

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