Parkour Tutorial #7: Barda | Tanki Online


Guide created by Tanki Online Tutorials, translated by ArchangeI Linkin Park – What I’ve Done ______ Thanks for watching! Hit the sub button,…

8 thoughts on “Parkour Tutorial #7: Barda | Tanki Online

  1. Hi my name on Tanki online is bomber506 and I’m so epic at parkour and now
    I will tell u my parkour maps like ? Barda polygon silence madness highways
    and mostly ….DEATHTRACK!!!! Cause that’s the hardest 1 ever and iv been
    on all Tue houses on it and Evan the other maps OK so can u TOT people add
    me (be my friend) on Tanki so we can talk and do epic parkours OK my name
    on Tanki is bomber506 OK bye :D

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