21 thoughts on “Shaft Tutorial-Tanki Online

  1. Watch my video too guys and subcripe my channel name is tankkipankki i have
    m3 shaft and you will see in the video how good it is and the shaft power
    is 241, 9 

  2. There are certain maps early on that are absolutely perfect for shaft. You
    have to play those maps in order to get on top of the list. One example is
    Highland. Both sides provide great cover. You are right about the fact that
    shaft is not an offensive weapon, but maps like highland have a certain
    point where most to all of the enemy has to pass through. Then you simply
    just camp that spot and wait for them to come out.

  3. Why is your accuracy target is so much more smaller than my shaft? Is it
    because I didn’t upgrade?

  4. I just got the shaft yesterday i was leveling with the railgun and i want
    to know wich of these is more powerful ty

  5. The only problem I have with shaft is that you have to be so patient, you
    are never up top cuz most battles you don’t really get a but load of
    targets to shoot at and that is what annoys me with shaft, other then that,
    great gun. Question: how can I get on the top of the battle list with
    shaft? You can’t just offensively get the enemies. They have to come to
    you. Doesn’t that kinda make it so you can’t earn that much crystals?

  6. Are you noob it cant kill large and strong tanks it can just kill wasp and
    hornet with one shot

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