Greek God 2048 Tips & Strategy

Greek God 2048 tips and strategies to make you into a master of the ancient puzzle arts! Greek God 2048 is a brand new version of 2048 using Greek letters instead of numbers. It’s made by GRANDEX Inc., the folks who brought you “Fratty Bird.” GRANDEX is the media giant behind Total Frat Move, so they’re no strangers to Greek life. Greek God 2048 is dedicated to those young bucks with their iOS devices who want a challenging puzzle game to play in between keg stands. The controls are a little laggy, but this game also packs an extended playing experience compared to traditional 2048. If you’re having trouble, use our Greek God 2048 tips to become more than just a pledge!

Greek God 2048 Tips #1: Begin in the Corner


  • This strategy always works for 2048. Make sure your most advanced tile is in a corner as often as possible. Then you can build tiles around it more easily.
  • If you need to move the biggest tile for a turn, move it back as quickly as possible, or you’ll have to move on to our next tip.

Look Down