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Record of Agarest War Cheats – HyperDevbox is happy to broadcast that Record of Agarest War, the extremely well-liked strategy role-playing game for home video gaming system, is now obtainable for iOS devices in English version. Record of Agarest War Cheats is now also available for this game. The game’s story started when the era of gods ended when the entrance to oblivion was unbolted. The world of Agarest has five lands, each of these lands has a huge pillar or monuments that rise towards the sky represent the gods themselves.

The opening of the tale begins on the land of Lucrellia when a young lad called Leonhardt gives up everything that he has including his kids and even his future to protect an elven child. At death’s entrance, he makes an oath to a contract. This is the ending story of the gods; a tale intertwined in souls of different generations.

The game features the very first soul breed system where you can pick a bride after finishing a quest and give birth to the champions or heroes of the next generation. The game is strategy which you will need to direct your soldiers on the battleground and wait for the correct time to twine together gigantic combo attacks utilizing numerous party members both in range and melee attack!

The game has more than hundred hours of gameplay with amazing soundtracks and high quality graphics you will surely love. It has forty cut scenes and about 16,000 character voices with more than 400 different Battle abilities and Magic talents. You can also capture creatures and let it join your forces. Enhanced your gaming combat system to include break and overkill combo. Of course, you can use Record of Agarest War Cheats to buy and upgrade your items for free. See download button below.




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