Toilet Time Game Cheats and Tips

Toilet Time game cheats will show you how to be the best iOS gamer on the john! Are you bored of reading in the bathroom? Don’t have any games that fit inside your bathroom breaks? Then rejoice, because Toilet Time is perfect for you. This game is a bit like the classic Nintendo game Wario Ware. It’s got no storyline, but plenty of diversity. Every ten seconds, you’ll jump from one mini-game to another. After a while, you’ll get the hang of the games (and stop cringing at their gross-out humor). Some are very easy, like one where you squash a bug when it comes up from the drain. Others are super hard, which is probably why you’ve been searching for Toilet Time game cheats! Don’t worry, even we had some trouble with these games. But now we’ve compiled all these Toilet Time game cheats for you to use. Read on for all the Toilet Time game cheats you’ll ever need!

Toilet Time Game Cheats #1: Wash Your Hands


  • Keeping your hands clean is essential. In this game, you need to get all the colored gunk off your oddly white hands.
  • Tap and hold the hands to move them around under the water. Make sure the water hits all the filth.

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Weed Firm Cheats and Tips

Weed Firm cheats and tips that will make you a master of virtual ganja! Weed Firm is a new app from Manitoba Games, and is the company’s first mobile game. You play as Ted Growing, a young man who’s just been expelled from college. You’ve been hired by a strange man to “watch his weed,” meaning you’ll grow and sell marijuana for a living. Think you’ve got what it takes to survive a life of crime? Prove it, in this hyper-realistic (okay, not really) “business simulation” game! If you’re stuck and can’t figure out what to do, use our Weed Firm cheats to advance.

Weed Firm Cheats #1: Listen for the Door


  • The only way to make money in Weed Firm is to sell weed. Since you can’t sell on the street, you’ll have to make all your visitors into customers.
  • If you take too long to answer the door, your customers will give up and leave. Later in the game, thugs and police will do you some real damage if you don’t open up.
  • It might be tempting to turn off the sound and play some Grateful Dead, but be prepared to pay the price!

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Greek God 2048 Tips & Strategy

Greek God 2048 tips and strategies to make you into a master of the ancient puzzle arts! Greek God 2048 is a brand new version of 2048 using Greek letters instead of numbers. It’s made by GRANDEX Inc., the folks who brought you “Fratty Bird.” GRANDEX is the media giant behind Total Frat Move, so they’re no strangers to Greek life. Greek God 2048 is dedicated to those young bucks with their iOS devices who want a challenging puzzle game to play in between keg stands. The controls are a little laggy, but this game also packs an extended playing experience compared to traditional 2048. If you’re having trouble, use our Greek God 2048 tips to become more than just a pledge!

Greek God 2048 Tips #1: Begin in the Corner


  • This strategy always works for 2048. Make sure your most advanced tile is in a corner as often as possible. Then you can build tiles around it more easily.
  • If you need to move the biggest tile for a turn, move it back as quickly as possible, or you’ll have to move on to our next tip.

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