Tanki Online 99.999.999 hack crystals by alosp78


Tanki Online 99.999.999 hack crystals by alosp78

Programs Needed : Opera Cheat Engine 5.6 Tanki Online Account.

Like if works :) Check description new link 100% working IT IS OLD LOOKING TANKI ONLINE BUT IT STILL WORKS I’M UPDATING THE LINK New Link: (2015-02-11) …

42 thoughts on “Tanki Online 99.999.999 hack crystals by alosp78

  1. dont belive this noob hack there crystal value are just changeing! when
    you upgrade anythink it say something!!!!!!!!!! can be ban

  2. Вранье уже пробовал не купишь ничего,а в гта действует

  3. i was just watching this video and in 1 sec i recognized that i already
    have all weapons and armors and i returned to the youtube home page (i got
    all of the armor and weapons + all upgrades with no hacks! in 2013’s
    cristmas everyone was given 100000 crystals) 

  4. Lol! Cheat engine just give you number of crystals and you can’t buy
    anything with them the only way to get free crystals is go to appnana.com
    on any iDevice or android + type this code: n3429463 and you will get
    1,000,000 nanas and redeem it with paypal gift cards & other stuff if it
    worked sub to me :) thank you !

  5. can someone do it for my account, my name is jonasjon1 and my level is
    master sergeant . I need 80 000. thanks

  6. I now easy and slow way to get crystals.Make one email and than from your
    main acc send request to your brand new email.When you get that on your
    email click it and go play tanki.For every rank you get a little bit of
    crystals to your main acc.So you need to play on your new acc everyday and
    keep farming XP.This is a little trick for beginers.So good !!

  7. Do not do this :O when you hit sergeant rank that lair will get 500
    crystals because you registered under his friend link so no 9999999
    crystals !!
    Please like so everyone can see!!

  8. Is the crystals are infinite?? or 9 999 999 then it will be empty?? plz
    give me the anwers @MuitiEvilDuck

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  11. jei tu is lietuvos aciu uz hack

  12. I got to sergeant rank, but it still says banner code, and I didn’t get any
    crystals. What do I do?

  13. hey idiot it didnt work something happend to my account my old one where i
    was a genrillismo now i had to start again now i am on warrant officer 5
    noob on my old account i had 850,000 crystals and i lost then thanks alot

  14. This is fake all you do is give us your referal link so you get crystals
    everytime we rank up you loser. Just tell us that you want us to sign up
    with your referal and we’ll do it.

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