TANKI ONLINE: Balancing Guide – Changes in Turrets and Hulls [ENGLISH]


Have you heard the news? The new changes, which many players have been eagerly expecting, are already on the battle servers! What kind of changes took place within our hulls and turrets? Which…

7 thoughts on “TANKI ONLINE: Balancing Guide – Changes in Turrets and Hulls [ENGLISH]

  1. How can you say that “many players have been eagerly expecting” these
    changes? This was the first I heard of it. Now that these changes have been
    made, the majority opinion in topics made in the forums, spanning all
    international communities, is *mainly one of discontentment.*

    Tanki is the only game I know that encourage you to buy features to gain a
    competitive advantage only to take them away once you’ve bought them. *Highly
    questionable and most unethical.*

    This is clearly not about balancing anything. It’s about switching
    parameters to get players to buy the unpopular hulls and turrets. Balance
    doesn’t enter the conversation.

    I am not playing for the whole of May in protest to this change, which
    means I won’t buy either.

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