Tanki Online – Best of Guides


Tanki Online - Best of Guides

Game: Tanki Online Contest: Best of guides – Thunder nickname: brambo6.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Guys this is my first voice over/commentary. I hope you enjoy! Made with ezvid, free download at http://tankionlinecrystalgenerator.com/ezvid.com Song is not owned by me it is by Ezvid.

20 thoughts on “Tanki Online – Best of Guides

  1. Would love to have that tank. I have to make do with m0. :(
    One more rank to go till i can get m1! :)

  2. If you like this video then you should probably watch razegun’s other guide
    on freeze.

  3. +Grant C. Yes, I have played with WGNpro during a noise match with
    TankxxcCNaruto. He’s a good player but he was on the other team :(

  4. First of all u dont know to rotate turret ! Short range can kill u ?? Is
    it? We can play easily with rail even in island but u are good at ur lvl

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