17 thoughts on “Tanki Online Guide How Can U Catch Gold Box !

  1. on rio (map) i know the two places it drops. On the beach or the other
    side from the beach up high on the red team side

  2. amazing video! you got me 17 gold boxes!!!! thanks! you earned a sub! Also,
    How Do You Know Where The Gold Box Will Fall If There Are More Than 1
    Possible Places It Could Fall?

  3. thx for the tip. i didnt like that smokey shooting u when u were waiting.
    that is what always happens to me when i am waiting and i die. thx again

  4. I get gold box 21 but didn’t saw this video before and I had 1 vs 1 whith
    St.Railgun I won him and there gold dropped and I toke it ;)

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