12 thoughts on “Tanki Online – Hulls Guide – Raphael2

  1. m1 titan is also better than m1 mammoth, its a little weaker but id pay the
    extra 2800 for the extra speed

  2. Mammoth may be cheaper and unlocked earlier at m2 then titan but titan m2
    is better because it has practically the same amount of health and it is
    faster! Plus titan is better to get gold boxes with cuz it has decent
    health and better speed then mammoth. Even at m3 mammoth is too slow! And
    lastly titan is heavier than mammoth, that’s right titan can shove a
    mammoth away from a gold box!

    Go get yourselves a titan and have fun

  3. +***** a few questions
    what is your main combo
    And paint
    How long have you been playing tanki and could you friend me on it my nAmes
    fptp :)

  4. :p I’d prefer videos of duels and goldboxes but players with less
    experience would benefit from this! Hope u get this youtube acc better than
    ur old 1

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