22 thoughts on “tanki online rank hack 2014

  1. sorry i couldnt speak to you in tanki, i am khalkandi1, but i am banned
    from chat, sorry +Moj8

  2. I can tell this doesnt work because he didnt show his gem amount change,
    and also anything with a survey is fake and just wants to get your info,
    even if u do the survey, it wont work it just says: Verifying survey

  3. Please Jabir Salek do it for me, I can’t do it, my niknameis: ola_aweosme
    and pasword: olas_awesome

  4. can u do mine answer back and then i would give u the password but first u
    have to respond cuz i am a very high level

  5. Do it for me my nick name is “godoftank1″ and pasword is godoftank and i am


  6. it does work i checked the webs frame with microsoft visual silverlight
    there is a file exxexcuting while u do it, to yall u haters out their

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