Tanki Online – Trick to Get Fast Crystal and XP – [1]


Hello everybody, and my name is Jerry. Today, I will show you how to get fast cry and xp in a game called “Tanki Online”. I started to play this game from about 3 month ago, and I thought it…
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24 thoughts on “Tanki Online – Trick to Get Fast Crystal and XP – [1]

  1. Why is everyone so mean to him! Please be nice, if you were mean just go
    away and stop putting hate mail, stop cyber bullying.you should feel
    ashamed if you did this.

    don’t use freeze until you have m1. Use thunder or an upgraded rail gun
    with reload time upgraded

  3. It turns out that slamming the Tab key repeatedly doesn’t make you respawn
    any faster. Woah!

  4. honestly i don’t think this is the type of video many people like to watch
    like you getting crushed but i hope you’ll become a better player keep it
    up, dude

  5. fastest way to GET! KRISTALAASSASAS:

    ok! go to options aaaaand!…
    delete your account and make a new ! and u have 500 kristals.! badummts!

  6. dude, you are not even that good you don’t even have M1’s and by the way,
    you don’t use freeze in madness

  7. STOP SAYING LET’S GET CRACKING.I’m much better than you and in madness I
    would say to use railgun or ricochet with hornet or viking

  8. Dude nice vídeo add me zoorio14 second Lt, freeze m2 hornet m2 paint jaguar
    i can help u rank up i also make youtube videos search me on youtube
    zoorio14 subscribe me and i sub u back

  9. Hi I’m one rank higher than major do u wanna borrow a wo2 acc or something?
    No fake offer.

  10. And before you changed your tank I was wearing the same thing! I found my

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