Tanki online tutorial bien explicado ESPAÑOL


Un tutorial bien explicado español para gente que es noob o que simplemente esta pensando en jugar . link: http://tankionlinecrystalgenerator.com/tankionline.com/en/
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Here’s my guide on smart supplies for the Tutorial contest! Like it here: http://tankionlinecrystalgenerator.com/en.tankiforum.com/index.php?showtopic=227257&p=4042928 I hope this helped and please give this video some love…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

37 thoughts on “Tanki online tutorial bien explicado ESPAÑOL

  1. yo tengo railgun m1, hornet, viking, mamot y wasp m2 e isida , freeze,
    firebird m2

  2. xD aver… xD tanki online lo puedes encontrar en ingles en aleman y en
    ruso tambien si quieres pero español… ni de coña xD juegalo en ingles te
    dejo el link en la descripción

  3. am Voy a subir 2 videazos que son los que mas me han costado (6 horas de
    renderizado) xD pesaban mucho los subire en pocas horas

  4. Hey Sewegart its me Spidersting, I don’t think you know Mr but that was
    really good tips and tricks for all game modes. I really do hope you get
    this fully micro upgraded kit. And as always good luck and I hope to play
    with you soon!

  5. Very usefull for noobs (me…)
    But i still think that new drug system sucks. And yes im noob

  6. Great Tips! I have my own, but I’m not sure if i should share with everyone
    my tatics for each type of battle. 😛
    I will xD

  7. NICE, I enjoyed it alot, but at higher ranks I recommed viking isida more
    as hornet isida since fully MU shafts r ruining it :p


  8. Hey +Sewegart Can you watch my tutorial?? :/ and rate it?? :( I think my
    tutorial is bad :/ and please tell me next, can i won price? 😀 tutorial is
    in my channel

  9. Sewgart! congratulations on the 20K crystals you won in the contest! I won
    too :) my name is Pwnedbox

  10. Nicee sewegart thnx for some tips but i got 1 question: whats the song in
    your background?:……

  11. Great! I like it. Nice spec footages 😀 and your voice is pleasant (unlike
    Good luck bro :)

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